Challenge #02838-G281: Balance, Skill, and Broken Bones

A group of deathworlder raiders makes the terrible, horrible, no good mistake of attacking a ballet dance troupe. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you ever want a solid education on how metal Ballet is as an art, then read up on how the dancers break in their en pointe shoes and what it does to their feet. Ouch]

Half of the Humans on board this vessel were tiny. Child-sized, yet also adult. The other half were weirdly muscular. All of them were surprised in their Skins in a gigantic room that had mirrors on three of its four walls.

They were still Humans, and even a ship made for the transport of artistic Humans was potentially dangerous. Thusly, Pirate Ardaq attempted to cover all the bases whilst ze had them under wide-beam stunner range.

It was starting to become the standard array of questions when raiding Humans[1]. "Do any of you have knowledge of semi-lethal chemistry, improvised weaponry, any known fighting style, or how to perform sabotages that would aid in the odds of this raid being captured by agencies of Galactic Law?"

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