Sunday - Cake Day - Day One

Happ borth two mi. Yes I spelled it like that on purpose. It's my birthday, I can do what I like so ner.

It's forty-eight trips around the sun, today. I asked my Beloved for a little camera I can attach to my gaming compy for potential gamer vid purposes... and now there is a worryingly table-sized package sitting in mock innocence in the dining room.

I am having a concern.

The Muppet has gone to hospital with his plague case and the internet is evenly divided between "he's punking us" and people practicing a new version of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead with vicious schadenfreude. Those on the right side of the political spectrum are firing up their conspiracy generators.

The most recent one reads as, "isn't it suspicious how the people who listened to the science are getting the disease less frequently than the people who freely shit on STEM?" Of course, instead of the people who listened to science they said the libs and, people who freely shit on STEM they said us.

Yeah, GOP, you are free to ignore the science if you want to, but it's going to bite you in the arse at a later date. Actions have consequences and so too do inactions. You're the ones who (a) denied it was a problem, (b) denied it was real, and (c) denied taking any action at all that would stop this disease before it reached you. Meet your consequences. They're quite stiff.

I have as much sympathy for them as they had for the people who were suffering and dying when it wasn't them.

It's definitely a thing when the political leader lies so much that nobody can tell if he really is sick or not.

There's conflicting news ranging from "he's doing fine" through "he's getting experimental treatments in a probably hail mary play" to "he's in grave medical trouble" and nobody knows what's real. Those experimental treatments are from a mate of his so it's odds evens as to whether it's pure snake oil or actually something that could work.

It wouldn't be the first time a leader died by "expert". That is, assuming his health is as dire as it could be.

Given the enormous party gathering mere days prior, it's looking like this plague could wipe out an immense portion of the GOP. Hello, consequences. Bet they all thought they'd never see you.

I have to confess to an unhealthy dose of schadenfreude, myself. Whilst I'm not cackling with glee, I am muttering, "That's what you get," a lot. They're calling the rose garden gathering a "super-spreader event" because masks were optional and social distancing was just a couple of words.

I'm going to focus on having fun today, and trying to keep as little of that fun from being at anyone else's expense. As I said before, I wish nothing more than an epiphany for the Muppet. I certainly don't wish for his demise.

He can't learn anything if he's dead.

Enough of that nonsense. Onwards with my normal nonsense.