Challenge #02825-G268: Move Over Cinderella

To put it simply, I am a slime. A sentient slime to be precise. Doc told me that I’m a amalgamation of smaller slime cores stitched together, now I have similar intelligence to a human. You might be asking why I have a humanoid shape, Doc gave me a skeleton to use. He’s slowly adding metal because I keep digesting the bones. Don’t worry Doc didn’t kill anyone, these are bones of Criminal on death sentence. -- Anon Guest

This is Doc. They prefer 'Doc' and they once said that any word for a parental figure was 'disturbing on multiple levels'. Besides, the only relationship we have is more or less incidental and accidental. No, don't get angry and please don't be sad. We're bonding. It's okay.

It's just that Doc is a scientist first and has no idea how to get through the red tape of an Accidental Parenthood License and Remedial Classes applications. They're doing their best, but the forms don't really accept what I am. Last I heard, the CRC are "looking into it". To hear Doc describe it, that means a whole bunch of people in a boring room throwing points of order at each other. That sounds... vicious.

Doc didn't mean to make me. They were trying for a cure for The Sneebs[1] and was interested in the synthesis properties of several strains of slime mould. The instant I started communicating, they changed course so fast that there was almost a comical screeching noise. We've been working things out from there.

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