Monday - Day Two

It's a public holiday so it's the one last day in my pajamjams to enjoy.

For those who are curious, the "table" was actually a TV. The screen in the front room has been a vexation of mine for some significant time. It had something wrong with it that had a random percentage horizontally darker and ruining the screen quality.

Yesterday was a day of two cakes. One chocolate torte and one carrot cake and the Cheesecake Shop carrot cakes have a little ginger in them and I find that delightful.

I broke my fast this morning with chocolate torte that was only technically healthy by reason of the strawberry half on it. Gotta love those technicalities. I've had forty-eight trips around the sun. I should be allowed some indulgences.

In the news:

  • Social media has already keyed on to the fact that the Muppet's messages are staged and the coughing has been edited out. On one hand - yes he's actually sick. On the other hand - it's another fine tradition of the Muppet lying to the greater public
  • Reports differ, but his oxygen levels are a concern to those who -beyond reason- love him
  • China doesn't give a shit who wins the US election, which only shows they have a plan for either party
  • China still threatening war
  • Putin has kept himself in a sterile bubble since the plague began and insists anyone who wants to share air with him quarantine for two weeks before they meet
  • Doctors report lasting heart damage for those who survive the plague. Along with shortened breath, that's a double danger to the poor folks who've fought it
  • Muppet's doctor avoided answering whether or not the Muppet has ever been on oxygen
  • Muppet claims he's fighting this plague "for everyone all over the world who is fighting it" shyeah, like he's ever thought of anyone beyond his mirror in his life
  • I'm taking the claims that he "could walk out tomorrow" with an entire salt mine

This is a plague that lays people low for weeks. It causes lasting damage. It's not something someone in THREE high-risk groups [old, overweight, wilfuly ignorant] can shake off in a hurry.

Ironically, I don't want him to die. I want him to suffer all the consequences of his actions before that happens.

Today's PLN - unfuckening, story, and more cake.

Let's get on with that.