Challenge #02824-G267: On Inter-species Relationships

Inter-species relationships are not common but you can bet Humans have the highest percentage of them. -- Anon Guest

Love? Love is strange. Especially when it's Humans doing it. For them, love is many things and not a single one of them is rational, logical, or reasonable. There is, for instance, no reasonable reason why a Human would fall in love with a Chitanean, but they can, have, will, and do.

Love, the Humans insist on pointing out, doesn't necessarily mean that the plumbing has to be compatible. It doesn't even mean that the plumbing has to touch. So long as there is mutual benefit, love can grow.

It's no shock that the Humans have at minimum seven types of love, and an uncounted number of methods for coupling. They're creative. Love, like life, finds a way. Humans seem culturally prepared to look at a creature that could kill them in one swat and think, "Yes. I will take that home with me[1]."

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