Some Fun Now

Miss Chaos is the only one staying home to prevent the spread of the plague. I might send her back to school as of next week, but this really requires a consult with Beloved and an honest discussion of the risks. Chaos can't take her phone with her and therefore can't use the alleged protection of the extant Covid tracking apps.


Our most vulnerable to infection and spread [with bonus points for being inclined to be asymptomatic] can't use the one thing that's meant to prevent the infections and spread of this firkin plague.

It's sad that I need to talk strategy when thinking about returning to the previous normal.

I'm so tired of this plague, of staying on my guard, of watching everyone and their kid brother's dog assume they're safe and flaunt precautions. Ugh.

I guess it's all right when it isn't your life that's at risk. Arseholes.

In the news:

  • NSW won't be lifting restrictions before Mother's Day
  • There's claim of a Queensland heat map, but I haven't been able to find one
  • Australia's patting itself on the back for acting so quickly
  • They're predicting a rise in people working from home
  • It's finally been revealed that big factories and not individual actions are the root cause of climate change like we've been saying for at least fifty years 9_9
  • Meat packing facilities and not Whole Foods Emporia are the new hotspots for outbreaks
  • Everybody seems to be pissed off at China for at minimum the coverup of the initial outbreak
  • US is still sticking to the "made in a lab" conspiracy theory because of course they are


Onwards, I guess...