Challenge #02674-G117: Planet Pet-it

Whole planets dedicated to humans need to touch things. They range from your typical cat cafe walking with elephants, to even swimming with sharks. And that's just the animals from earth! Each plant has a different variety of species to accommodate any human, Making them a great alternative for humans who keep touching the unknown animals on equally unknown planets. -- Anon Guest

Humans look with their hands. This is a known, if confusing fact. Humans have reasonably reliable senses that use light to see things, yet they inevitably also have to touch. They want to see how it feels, or pet every beast, and in extreme cases, see what that weird-looking fruit tastes like.

This has caused multiple deaths. Not always in the humans, but also in the crewmates attempting to stop them.

Fortunately, planets can be customised. They started with one that should have been a Havenworld, if not for an accident of happenstance. Next, they stocked it with every plant and lifeform that was safe and interesting to touch. Not only those, but the ones that were safe to climb, and the ones that were safe to ride.

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