Challenge #02675-G118: The Bad Old Ways

A human got tired of the crew saying that humans are insane, so they decide to show their crew what true human insanity looks like by taking them on a field trip to the nearby insane asylum. (Bonus points if Said asylum happens to be Arkham Asylum.) -- Cheshire

[AN: Punishing the mentally disabled for being mentally disabled is not the best way to deal with that sort of thing. Besides, insanity is a matter of perspective, as I keep stating in my stories. Your perfectly logical is my mentally deranged, as it were. More thoughts on this over here]

"Please stop calling me that," said Human Shay. "They'd lock insane people up and hurt them and stuff."

Companion Lree stopped walking and said, "They do this where you are from?" They were immediately concerned. Not just for Human Shay, but also for her fellow citizens back 'home'.

Human Shay fell quiet, as she was wont to do when someone asked her questions about her place of origin. Companion Lree read the mood and said, "You are free of them, now. You can speak without fear."

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