I'm having a frighten

We went out for some hardware, yesterday and... oh my glob. There were more people than I've seen in any one place for a month or more. Every single one of them was bare faced and only nodding at social distancing when reminded to.

This is how following waves happen. This is what's going to stretch this plague out for most of this year, if not the rest of it and some of the next one. I feel like my entire life is on hold, waiting for a new normal to establish itself so I know how I can stay safe.

I'm making white bread today, I have my sourdough starter on my desk so I can take a harvest when it's nice and happy. I have yesterday's harvest frying up as I type. Staying this busy is keeping me moderately sane, and it puts a rhythm into what passes for my life now.

I want to go out and get proper stoneground flour without any additives, but I also want to avoid catching the plague. The leading sources of infection spread are schools and whole foods places. One because they are full of people who don't always remember cleanliness conventions, and the other because they are full of people who think they are above cleanliness conventions.

I wish I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard an anti-vaxxer say "we don't need [MEDICAL INTERVENTION] because we are healthy/eat vegan/recycle/sniff crystals..." okay, I made that last one up, but you get the idea.

Recently in the news:

  • An ardent follower of the Muppet gasped their last, dying of Covid, whilst saying that Covid was a hoax and it wasn't any worse than the flu. This person died trusting the lies of their leader and forced their loved ones to watch. That's terrible.
  • Everyone's all about re-opening to save the economy and somehow that's made everyone think they don't need to take precautions any more and see the first paragraph of this blog.
  • Countries are fudging the numbers using "excess deaths" -deaths beyond the number they expected that day- to make themselves look better than they should be. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
  • POC and other minorities are more likely to die and that's a direct result of prejudice. Hurrah. Not.
  • Jordan with an overflow of refugees managed to keep the toll down to 500 cases by doing a complete and total lockdown like I said everyone should have done like last firkin month.
  • The US "government" is still insisting this plague came out of a Chinese lab. Because of course they are. Their alleged leader follows a lot of conspiracy theorists. He parrots every stupid thing he hears. GDI.

No wonder I'm exhausted before midday.

My starter is still rising and I owe y'all a story and I hope I can get it done before I go and help some kids in Minecraft build a city.