Saturday - Day Zero

Another case from overseas, and discovered in quarantine. So I'll be voting later today with FULL mask and gloves nonsense. Beloved will also be wearing a mask and gloves, because of the One Arsehole Theory:

"It only takes one arsehole to shit all over everything," -- Me

Also the gloves make it so I can use any hand sanitiser present without burning my skin off. Alcohol allergy makes for fun times in the year of the plague.

In the News:

  • Sweden realises the "herd immunity" approach isn't fucking working and will kill almost all of their citizens
  • Just in time for a new mutation of the plague to be sweeping through Europe
  • Earthquake hits Turkey
  • Muppet Junior claims plague cases down to "almost nothing" - I guess 88.5K is a smaller number than the pocket money he gets off Daddy, so he thinks it's insignificant
  • Newest article suggests that Sweden is hoping for the best and not enacting many restrictions at all
  • Qatar now prosecutes officials who ordered the strip-search incident
  • "Covid Toe" can last 150 days for long-haulers
  • One of Jeffrey Epstein's Ex's admits to hunting for him
  • 4YO dies choking on a chicken nugget
  • QLD Premier breaks down over personal matter during debate
  • Polls say Biden wins this time. Polls have been wrong before
  • Melania shows up with Muppet at some rallies or her body double did
  • Analysis of the actual likelihood of real voter fraud - astronomically low
  • Muppet claims Billie Ellish is destroying the USA
  • USA "enjoys" having 9 million plague cases
  • A different article claiming the Muppet will win anyway
  • Melbourne chalk artist ticks off neighbour Karen, and all attempts to speak to the manager fail abominably
  • UK warns there may never be a vaccine of proper quality
  • NSW/QLD borders open except for Sydney
  • 7-11 forced to pay their workers fairly

I've had some disordered sleep bullshit, so I'm taking a nap and then getting on with getting on.