Challenge #02852-G295: Her Name is Sweetums -- Anon Guest

It had to be a service animal, because it was wearing Medik red and Therapy black. Typical to Human delineation of 'pet', it had a small hat attached to its head via a loop of elastic. That, in combination for the vest/leash arrangement was a clear sign that the Human on the other end of the leash would rather sever a limb than part with the animal.

It was also a literally cold-blooded predator. A fact that could also not be avoided. It was in the teeth, the reptilian stare, the hide to match, and the low, sinuous stride as the creature padded along beside their Human. They were dead giveaways.

"That is a predator," said Customs Agent Phorx. "An ambush predator with a prestigious appetite, if I recall the facts correctly."

"Well, yeah. So are dogs. You all like dogs, right? They're actually fast-burn carnivores who eat their own weight every other day." The Human bent down to press their knuckles into a space near the rakishly-angled hat.

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