Sunday - Day Zero

No notice on where this newest case came from. It could be an error. I don't know. We did do our patriotic bit to help oust ScoMo and I am heartened by the fact that White One Nation's popularity has plummeted phenomenally in my fair state.

I can only hope that Scotty From Marketing notices that he and his shenanigans are on the way out. Same with the people behind One Nation.

I have seen a chart where One Nation's approval went rocketting down and the schadenfreude is lovely. Soak in it and revel.

In the headlines:

  • Sean Connery died
  • Labor wins in Queensland
  • UK back in lockdown
  • Border policy may be the thing that helped Labor win
  • Liberal-Nationals and One Nation throw a tanty over the election results
  • US and China escalate in rattling sabres at each other
  • Biden win could be a disaster
  • Biden win could be a boon
  • Hackers in Iran interfere with the US election
  • War games are causing trouble off the coast of China
  • There is now a pill that can stop snoring
  • WA opening up may be off the table thanks to foreign outbreaks
  • Disney Fails is now a genre of photo and videos on social media
  • Qatar's invasive shenanigans are just the tip of the iceberg
  • Tonedeaf fashion guide for the Melbourne cup appears in spite of the plague cutting most of that nonsense off

I will be writing a story, clearing space for cars in the shed, and generally faffing about today.

Let's do this.