Challenge #02853-G296: Sticky Plus Parts Equals Trouble

I would very much like to know what happened with the screwdriver and the lollipop in greater detail, please. -- Escla

[AN: The problem with Noodle Incidents is that the telling of the tale never matches the imagination resulting from the implications]

Pib was bored. Mama had fallen asleep, which meant that Pib could get into the no-no's. Pib knew it was naughty, but the no-no's were way more interesting than any of the allowed stuff. Most of the time the worst Pib had to face was helping clean up the mess and some slow, slow lessons on how to behave properly.

Sometimes, the interesting things were worth the boredom that ended up paying for it. In this case, Pib found where Mama hid the lollipops, and where Bapa had some tools.

Lollipops plus Pib equals happy. The more interesting equation was screwdriver plus... In the most recent example, screwdriver plus maintenance hatch equals - an entire new world to explore. It was the most fun Pib had ever had. The screwdriver opened a lot of doors.

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