Monday - Day Zero

Another singular case from overseas and detected in quarantine. Another reset of my paranoia because of the One Arsehole Theory. Today's agenda calls for House Unfuckening plus Driving Mr Mayhem with a dash of writing on the side.

Yes, folks, Mayhem is actually doing something to... Get a JOB. The skies may bleed. Be warned.

We've cleaned the Maker Debris from the shed and now there is space for two cars only. So if hail cometh whilst the Tesla is away, I shall warn Beloved to stay put until all is clear. My Zippy Little Car is the sacrificial lamb to the forces of nature. Boo.

I may politely (unpolitely) request a space in the carport for my ZLC just because more than slight unfairness inherent. Or, if that's too hard, building a pergola to shelter the ZLC.

I just don't want hail dents in my car when we theoretically have the space for FIVE FUCKING CARS but actually not enough space for THREE.

I suspect renting a skip is in the calendar again. So long, New Bathroom Money.

Let's look at the headlines:

  • Op Ed says no matter who wins in the US, Australia has to stick up for itself. So... nothing new
  • NYT says Australia has become a "hermit nation". Go throw stones in your own glass house, then
  • Polls still plump for Biden win
  • Right Wing News Pundit has a Conspiracy Theory about the Victoria Hotel Bungle. Shocker
  • Plague is going to change how we go through customs and some travellers couldn't be happier
  • Australia records first ever day of zero locally-acquired plague cases since the Ninth of June. Being a hermit nation pays off, you NYT wankers
  • US election results may prompt a civil war
  • Proof positive - MAGA yahoos attacked a Biden campaign convoy
  • Also proof positive - Walmart has elected to cease stocking guns and ammo
  • If it's a tie, then may the Powers help us all
  • Russia keeps cheating at sports and one Aussie may be able to stop them somehow
  • UK re-enters lockdown and Brits are pissed
  • Yet another US teacher acting inappropriately with her students
  • The big culprit for acne is apparently dairy products and not chocolate. Wahey
  • School asks parentals to only email during school hours, this is universally seen as ridiculous for obvious reasons
  • The defining term for a slice of potato wrapped in batter and deep fried apparently divides Australia and confuses tourists
  • Queen to step down in 2021 says expert
  • Woman looks for restaurant named "Lolita", gets banned from Facebook
  • NSW bush mum imitates Cookie Clicker, founds own bikkie business
  • Aussies abandon city life in fear of another plague wave

...and I have a Cyclone Headache, which means that there's a low pressure system somewhere off the coast. The radius is between Caboolture and Rockhampton so it's fun times for your local 'Nutter.