Challenge #02851-G294: Three Whacks With a Wet Noodle

Deathworlder parents mete out appropriate punishments to misbehaving deathworlder children. Chastisement to non-deathworlders is often much lighter, even if handed out by the same caregivers, and for good reason.

Human parent to human children: "Present butts!" (brandishes foam bat)

Human parent to non-human children: "I'm very disappointed in you" (pins children with The Look)

All children: "Wow, I got off easy compared to the other group" -- Anon Guest

[AN(&PSA): DO NOT BEAT YOUR CHILDREN FOR FLAKK'S SAKE! That is abuse and there are other ways to educate your kids on the right ways to behave. InB4 "I got hit as a kid and I'm fine" - no, you are not. You think it's okay to hit kids]

Managing misbehaviour has many faces. Greater Deregulations across known space have entire manuals covering all the details of child misbehaviour and the tortures that were the "appropriate" response according to the administration. As is always the case with Greater Deregulations, there are factions rebelling against these guides for being "too soft" and part of a "nanny state" whilst campaigning to be as violent as they like so long as murder isn't involved.

Greater Deregulations are almost unanimously civilisations in which needing medical care is a criminal offense. Or at least, it's a criminal offense for those unable to afford it. It's best not to use their example when raising a young cogniscent.

Some Humans from the Edge are hardly any better, but they are at least working on more sympathetic methods of encouraging proper behaviour in the young surrounding them. When dealing with Edge Humans on a ship that also has young, it is advisable to also have a Registered Carer in the same room. It was only an accident of circumstance that prevented Carer Greix from interfering with Human Pam's idea of educational chastisement.

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