Saturday - Day One

No new cases. I breathe. I also continue to count down for the last week of Brisbane's anti-lockdown protests causing more lockdown. China continues to show how strong it is by threatening the entire world around it and the Muppet continues to be an idiot in regards to maintaining his hold on his tinfoil crown.

He's been called out repeatedly on just letting US citizens die so he could reap the rewards from the market boost.

It's all a clusterfuck. I have hope that Biden wins, but given the reigning idiocy, that hope is not terribly high. I mean, people voted for a dead gorilla last time.

My usual Satuday plns continueth, as I can not go anywhere public and there do anything interesting. Because Karen Squads all over Australia.

I'm going to put some pants on, eat some noodles, and get on with writing today's tale. Sometime today, there will be fresh bread.