Monday - Day One

This is the week that I go duck hunting. I'm going to get those little quackers in line for Miss Chaos' admission into the NDIS if it firkin kills me. This, in turn, means a potential week of phone tag with her case manager. Yay.

I spent ALL WEEKEND downloading Baldur's Gate 3, and its associated character creator. I'll be playing with that after I'm done with my shenanigans for today.

Thusly, the PLN is:

  1. Write stuff whilst waiting for 9AM
  2. Once the time hits, phone the case manager
  3. Depending on whatnot, act appropriately
  4. Somewhere in the midst of that, house unfuckening
  5. THEN I fart around in BG3. Whee.

It's going to be "fun" today. Let's hope that I don't have to do the phone tag thing for long. Said case manager is only just back from holidays so now catching up has been made all the more difficult by MY ANXIOUS ARSE calling them at office opening and babbling on the ansaphone.

In today's headlines:

  • Muppet claims he's now immune to the plague, his tweets are immediate warning labels by the good people at Twitter
  • Reported WHO backflip on lockdowns is actually against the outbreak of POVERTY killing people which is also a bad thing
  • Since Muppet and his co-host Pence are dubiously ill because plague, Speaker Nancy Pelosi may become President until election day. Apparently, this is the Muppet's nightmare
  • Iran is plotting to butt in on the continuing conflict between Amenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey and Russia are also thinking of adding their thumbs to the scale. All three of these nations have nuclear capability [Siiiigh... not now, 2020...]
  • Western Australia may be encountering another outbreak similar to NSW's. An iron ore carrier is their plague ship, and may be the next Ruby Princess for WA
  • Experts are saying Australia might be "better off" without WA... no indicators as to whether WA will be better off without Australia

It's almost Bus O'clock, so I shall be working on my novel real soon now.

Onwards, ever onwards.