Hooray, it's the anxiety alarm clock

I've got one of those "It's do-able, but..." schedules today, and thank GROP the shrink visit is virtual because there's a high likelihood that I am going to be rat-faced tired before 5PM so I can start the cycle again. Whee.

It's 1AM so I'm officially too late to take a HTML-sleep [aka HTP-5, the nice concoction that metabolises into melatonin. If I took it now, I would be rat-faced exhausted all firkin day.

So. I'm up at one in the morning and getting a head start on my usual nonsense because theoretically that will make being rat-faced by 5PM be okay.

Fun. I got some playlist happening care of Things Toasty Played on Their Stream and I'm currently jazzed.

It's been a week since a new case of the Plague in Queensland. Tentative huzzah. Now all my lovely state has to do is not be firkin stupid for just One. More. Week. PLZ.

I would love to go shopping without being afraid for my life.

That said, I am still keeping my finger on the pulse whilst the plague still rages around the world. It's entirely plausible that we'll all be doing this again for two more gotdang waves. Powers That Be, please bless us with COMPETENT firkin leaders if there's going to be more of this bullshit. Thanks.

In the news:

  • Victoria has more outbreaks
  • Sydney has more outbreaks
  • Science has discovered Mu lying underneath New Zealand [I'm almost joking - it's actually currently called Zealandia]
  • The Muppet is freaking losing it about how badly he got trolled for his "millions of tickets" rally and I'm kind'a gloating
  • He's also gone on about how tricky it was to walk down a ramp 9_9 for FOURTEEN MINUTES

Not in the news:

  • What a "pepper ball" is - here. It's allegedly non-fatal. Spray them indescriminately into a crowd, give people enough of a dose, and they can get permanent scarring on their lungs if they're lucky. If they're unlucky, they can die.

It only sounds harmless, folks.

Onwards to output.