Friday, Unfuckening and Stuff(tm)

Catio cleaning, Starter harvesting, House unfuckening... busy day. At least I got two more articles for Alfarell and one relatively large and very annoying chamber in TaleSpire.

Progress is progress. Even when it's SLOW AS BALLS.

Bit by bit, I will get there.

[I also need to edit in Wraithvine's occasional battles with OCD into hir article.]

Maybe Beloved and I will do the scavenger hunt this weekend. We need to get rattling on that before the time becomes NOW to find it all.


Parenting and other stuff and commitments and sneezin and wheezin season and it's cold and I don't wannaaaaa...

BUT I still gotta.

On the plus side, my internals have stopped giving me such grief, but it's a small mercy.

But enough of that nonsense. On with this nonsense.