Challenge #03456-I168: Meet Lilbit

A small stray cat is following Wraithvine around, often trying to climb up hir robes to sit on hir shoulder. And when ze sits down to relax or meditate, the sweet kitty tries to climb in hir lap, constantly purring. -- Anon Guest

Elves do not keep pets the way Humans do. Though there are whispers and dark stories of Elves keeping humans as pets, in a long bygone age, the evidence has yet to be found. Animals live a fraction of a Human lifespan, and Elves can live for thousands of years.

Wraithvine the Eternal has lived for all of known history, and may yet live it out. Ze does not easily adopt animals. Ze hates that ze has to bury the creatures ze falls in love with. Which is why the Great Wizard has been studiously ignoring the very small cat that has been following hir since early that morning.

"...meep?" the creature, still too small for capital letters, had clambered up hir robe again. For all its tiny size, it had a fantastically audible voice. "...meeeeeeep!"

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