Challenge #03455-I167: Look Upon My Works and Despair

A Deregger, not quite at "gunpoint" but close enough, has to make a deal to allow the Alliance to come in to help clean the mess up on their world before it becomes a grave-world. They're allowed to STAY in power, sorta, but with heavy supervision and lessons on ACTUALLY governing properly. -- Lessons

Picture if you will, a gilded, Faberge bunker. Its owner has heard of Roccoco and thought the style far too bland. If it isn't made of the precious or the rare, it is not in there. It is also state of the art, or the state of this planet's art. It has an indoor pool in the shape of a voluptuous woman. It has a golf course. It has room for millions.

It houses one.

The staff are relegated to service tunnels, they come and go via hidden hatches. They sleep on bare concrete and they eat... whatever they can find. Including the Big Boss' garbage. One of those staff is in trouble because of a Smell.

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