Friday, Day Zero, Unfuckening Ho

I am buzzing... more or less. I got rocking and rolling. I cleared out all the meat that was turning blurgh grey, which was most of it. I also fed my Starters and made The Bikkie. Later today I will be getting assorted garbage out of my home. Yay.

Got a lot of Crimbolio presents wrapped on Wednesday, and I have a plot or three. It wouldn't be a 'Nutter Crimbolio without at least one mini plot. But it's confirmed - I should not make fudge. Not a lot of people are going to want it -_- Sigh.

The good news that chanced across my boughs included the fact that Australia has completed a wind farm, and has no plan to "transition through" natural gas to get to fully green power. China claims they have a fusion generator and that is truly interesting.

Watching the coal magnates cry about all this is going to be sweet as hell.

I'm going to chop up The Bikkie and then work on today's Instant. Somewhere in there, there shall also be cleaning.