Challenge #02893-G336: A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

Ah little Pib. How about them sneaking back into the captain's quarters and trying to talk the captain into playing dress-up and having snacks, having dragged a bunch of mismatched clothing with them? :-D After all, from experience, boys and girls, don't matter, they always seem to love to play dress-up and then have snacks and juice together with their friends. -- Anon Guest

Pib had a big bag. Big enough to hold a bottle of raspberry drink, the plastic tea set, the good blankie, and a couple of other very important things. It had been a stressful handful of days for their fellow crewmates, Pib could tell by the way their parents came home. Captain Xorg had to be having a series of very bad days.

The Rennies were having a big nap, so Pib packed up their big bag and went the secret way to find Captain Xorg. Who was, when Pib got to the Captain's Lounge, frowning at a data reader. Grownups. They didn't know what was good for them sometimes, and stuck with what was bad for them for way too long. In fact, the Captain was so involved at frowning that they didn't even notice that Pib was there.

Well. Looks like they'd arrived just in time. Pib carefully unpacked everything they brought with them in the big bag and laid it all out carefully. The good blankie turned the little table in the room all fancy, so did the plastic tea set. Pib filled the kettle with raspberry drink, set up a couple of soft dollies for conversation, and put on the tuutuu.

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