Challenge #02892-G335: An Encounter to Remember

Hey, InterNutter? Do you think we could get the enemy's view of this? I mean, seeing a human tripping big time on stims rushing their camp like that? I mean, some of the enemy survived to report the counter, right? That might be fun to see. Please? -- Anon Guest

They'd missed one. They'd missed more than one, and they knew it. But it was one that was dangerous. They were barely glimpsed, but all footage identified it as the same Human. Traces left behind were horrifying.

The wings of a local bird, torn off with Human teeth. Deceased troop members, smashed to death with blunt instruments that included rocks, sticks, and bare fists, as evidenced by the blood left on the scenes. Some deceased troop members had also been partially devoured. Pulled apart with hands and teeth.

Some reported terrifying cries in the night. Some footage showed a being moving impossibly fast, with impossible aggression, destroying everything in their path, freeing up fellow Humans that they had held captive. Even more terrifying was that the chief aggressor could haul away injured Humans on an improvised sled on their own. With the weight of five Humans and supplies piled on by the walking wounded allies.

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