Friday, Day 1, Gearing Up

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Seventy-nine total active cases, with twenty-one in hospital and one in the ICU.

Anxiety is at a peak here in the household as today we PLN to get some final gussying-up before we drop the big reveal tomorrow. That will be happening after household unfuckening and maybe after Chaos returns from school.

I'm still being gentle with myself until all reasons to be panicking are dealt with. One way or another. Stress is hell on inspiration.

I'm trying my best.

In the news:

  • Freedom plan for Vaxxed Aussies
  • Knomira teacher forces scores of students and families into super quarantine
  • Taliban fuckshittery
  • Nicole Kidman is enough of a Superstar to skip out of the quarantine procedures that keep everyone safe. Can you say "bread and circuses" kiddos?
  • Plague-related border wars resume between Queensland and NSW
  • Scumfuck posed as a health worker and threatened a woman if she didn't perform sex acts. Charming
  • Anti-vax parents perish of plague, kids orphaned. Dying wish was to vax their kids
  • Knomira in Sydney caught on camera being a dillhole

And now I publish my Instant, try to work on my novel, build part of a board, and try not to descend into an anxiety spiral because of potential nonsense encountered in an uncertain future.

No pressure.