Challenge #03128-H219: It's Not Just a Cold

A Deregger escapee has an unusual quirk that makes them, of all things, immune to the immunoflu. Unfortunately, that means they're apt to contract the illnesses the immunoflu is meant to prevent, and catches a cold. -- Anon Guest

They told Pel he was lucky to survive. Once they discovered his truly peculiar genetic abnormality, those tellings doubled. The immunoflu was one of Humanity's Greatest Hits[1], since humanity could not contain or cure the common cold, they tamed it. Using the popular virus to deliver vaccines by natural contamination. Being immune to that was something worthy of intense study.

It was also a pain in the butt because Pel had to get his vaccines the old-fashioned way. Which meant that the pain in his anatomy was sometimes literal. Given that the Alliance Mediks were also taking samples, he sometimes felt like his job title should be "cogniscent pincushion". And then something got past all the preventative measures to keep him safe from unscheduled disease.

When it comes to "Kill or Cure," the Human body has got this. Pel went down fast, despite the Medik's best efforts. While half of them tried to isolate the vector and seal the hole in security, the other half were working their tails off to help Pel weather the infection currently threatening his life.

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