Thursday, Day 0, Catching up?

Plague news: Four new cases, all imports. There's Ninety-seven total active cases, twenty-five in hospital and one in the ICU.

Today's PLN includes working on my book, working on a board, trying to tag at least half of a month for my app, and then late night shopping for nice gear with Beloved.

I want a holiday from all the recent running around. Not happening yet. Gah.

My fault for being a hermit.

In the news:

  • NZ gets one plague case, shuts down HARD. When asked why, they point to Australia
  • Taliban up to bullshit
  • Housing market up to bullshit
  • Plague up to bullshit
  • ScarJo has a baby boy
  • Knomiras called out for being the plague rats they are
  • Vaccine hesitancy is waning. Hu-FUCKING-zah
  • Gengineering to eliminate genetic diseases might get the go-ahead
  • 4YO boy unable to eat chocolate thanks to mystery bug
  • Spring's going to be awful

Story, then I shall attempt to write in my novel and tag a month.