Wednesday, Wordpress and Catching up

I forgot to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Assorted nonsense with entire habitat unfucking got in the way. I am an easily-distracted gremlin.

The house is starting to look nicer in very specific areas. Shame about the piles of boxes and wrapping stuff. We'll deal with those anon.

Today, my PLNs include more set dressing for the dungeon and an evening at home because the movie we want to see is only on tomorrow.

Beloved stayed up all night to do housework and build things and otherwise be a whirlwind. So I was the sane one who remembered things this morning. Before I had my coffee.

And then I forgot like three other things so that balances out.

Onwards to continuing nonsense. I shall get through things in approximate order and catch up with the Patreon stuff soon.

Story first. Other shenanigans later.