Challenge #03389-I101: Domino Choices

Havenworlders are planting dwarf fruit trees in pots so when the shipload of rescued humans - refugees from a Deregger polity currently in the middle of a civil war - arrives, can be given at least three plants per person. -- Anon Guest

They were hefty gifts for Havenworlders to carry, but even a weak Human could lift them with relative ease. The ship had said five hundred souls, so fifteen hundred pots now came with a very small tree. Free soil and healthy growing biota included[1]. All very safe to handle, because Havenworlders were doing the handling.

Welcome to Bryt'l Station. Here there be Havenworlders.

Of all the environments built in space, it is the Havenworlder vessels that are the most secure against outside forces. They're paranoid that way. And, through that paranoia, attract the kind of people who need security.

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