Wednesday, Leyland's Tour, Date Night, and More

So here's my nonsense so far:

  • Dental appointment at 8AM
  • Plan to leave the house at 7:30 so I can drop off Beloved on the way to said appointment
  • Plan derailed by Beloved wanting to be at the station ASAP. An hour ahead
  • Lucky I got up early to get ready early
  • Still have to go home again before dentist
  • After dentist, return home AGAIN because waiting for the shops to open
  • [Now] Shops are open, so I am off on an expedition for the cheapest possible articles of whatnot to see us through another two weeks.

Which involves stops at: Costco, Petbarn, Golden Circle Factory Outlet, Dickson's Meat Market, and Aldi.

I will be attempting the internet's viral yoghurt flatbread here with possible plans for a Crimbo Treat(tm). I'm pretty sure I can source everything at Aldi for bargain rates.

So story will be late and I'm already overheating. Let's go!