Challenge #03971-J319: Toxic Area Disposal Protocol

They slapped Wraithvine hard before hugging him tightly, GLAD that Wraithvine hadn't gotten hurt.

"You IDIOT! I told you not to do that!"

"It was just a little cantrip"

"There's a reason none in this party are using any magic in this area!"

"I will remember that." -- Anon Guest

All things considered, they were all lucky that such a simple spell hadn't obliterated a city-sized area. They were also kind of lucky that the Eternal Wizard of myth and legend didn't decide to retaliate.

"This is a wild magic area! Weaponised wild magic, set to make any spell detonate against us. All of us!"

Wraithvine picked hirself up and, still feeling hir face, said, "I wasn't thinking. I only thought to light my pipe for a... relaxation aid." Which was code for pipeweed in general and dandelions in particular.

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