Wednesday, Depression looms

I have left: One more sugarloaf than I have Wombok to match, and my version of coodles involves an even numbering of both for a fair flavour profile. I also have some untouched Bok/Pak Choy [I am too white to tell the difference, forgive me], a brace of spring onions, a plethora of broccoli, and a whole honkton of teeny zucchini and UNBELIEVABLY HUGE carrots.

I am seriously pondering making Coodles2: Electric Boogaloo - aka Carrot Noodles and seeing if that works. If nothing else, I get to have some interesting carrots into the mix.

I think the last of the sugarloaf cabbage will be going into the green fry. Same with the Bok/Pak Choy. I dunno about the spring onions. Too many of them can be overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I shall be going through the chest freezer and evicting all the bad meat, making plans with the good meat, and so on.

The thing that's got me depressed? The Muppet is using every single page of the Fascist Playbook and holding out USA-Lickspittle PM hostage whilst he poses with the holy book and uses the military to browbeat his people into submission. This year is a fucking rollercoaster, ISTG.

The Muppet is getting increasingly evil to the point where I'm honestly hoping they hang him. It's that firkin bad.

Meanwhile, the first states to open up are now having spikes in Corona cases. Shocker.

I dunno what's going to happen with today's Wordpress Wednesday. I'm tired and heartsore from what's happening to people and I don't know what to do and I feel so helpless and... yeah. Not a good brain space TBH.

I dunno whether to go off about my feels or post another Chapter Of...

I guess I'll see when I get there. It's Bus O'clock and I'm going to try and concentrate on my 200 words for today.