Challenge #02702-G145: Early Linguistic Development

(Based on a true interaction between infant and parent)

Baby to GalStand translation:

GagagaGAGAGA (Look, Sepa! I have a piggy!)

Squiiiiinnnk squuuooooiiiinnnnnkkk (My piggy says oink)

Vrrreeeerrrr (My piggy is a vehicle now)

Wuf (I'm a dog.) -- Anon Guest

Of all the things that occurred when Humans began to integrate into Galactic Society, the one they least expected was Human Young. Intellectually, the Galactics knew that small Humans happened, and did so regularly. They never expected the peculiarities of Human Parental interaction with their own young.

Humans, they learned, took a very long time to be considered capable adults. They began life as helpless beings that needed assistance for everything, and took a year to begin basic locomotion and verbal capabilities. Nevertheless, the Human Parentals talked and otherwise interacted with their Young with seeming ease.

The first recorded encounter with such interaction happened on the Trader Vessel Lively Shanty, which hosted a Human family. Human So, seated at their console for Light Duties, reacted to something below their workstation. "Oh. Hello. I thought the monitor was quiet. How did you get out?"

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