PLNs coming to close

I have two more meals to complete and pack, and one GIGANTIC stew to make with the rest of the veggies and to pack that... then I'm firkin DONE with meal prep.

Next step - documenting all this noise.

That promises to be some degree of "fun". How much all depends on how much I can be arsed by the end of it all. Details in my foodie blog when and if I can get motivated to do that. Recipe by recipe. Because of course I have to do it that way.

I have to explain a few things, including what the hell "rendered ham" is. I may have re-invented something. I don't know. All I know is that it produces that clear brownish jelly that I, a self-confessed chaos gremlin, used to adore in tinned ham and I am DOWN with that.

Stay tuned for that fun.

For now... I have a story to create. I may need to watch a few kitten videos first though.

Because - There's outbreaks of Covid-19 happening, threats of more happening, and the muppet-in-chief is using every page from the Fascist Dictator Playbook, over in the states.

I firkin NEED kitten videos and fluffy adorable things before I can write a better world for peeps out there.

May my story be a kitten video for others.