Wednesday, Day Zero, at the closing of the year

Two new cases, the total's down to eleven, so that's a hope for tomorrow. I'm going to actually write a Wordpress Wednesday this week because it's the last one of this year. I should review 2020.

"Half a star, would not live it again," is not going to cut it, but it will be somewhere in the opening paragraphs.

That's my sense of humour and I have to live in it.

In the headlines:

  • Muppet wins "most admired man" in the US. I demand a recount of the ballots
  • Town that burned down in January still ignored in December
  • Bridal party fined for breaching Covid rules
  • NSW having outbreaks again
  • Extra-contagious South African variant found in Queensland
  • Taiwan just about dodged the Covid bullet by... (join the chorus) wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. They learned from SARS
  • Racist Karen gets on the case of a relative of a victim of the mosque shootings. I hope that b-- gets all the harassment she deserves


Almost there. One more day and it'll be 2021.