Challenge #02910-G353: Learning Process

i want to know what happened during the Vorax raid, ESPECIALLY if the Human was perhaps away, and the Vorax, being not COMPLETELY inept, had waited for that to happen to commit to said raid...

The Vorax were learning. They learned to scan potential victims from a distance. They learned to detect dangerous Humans and at least keep their distance. Human Kin did not scan as threatening. They were smaller and slighter than most Humans but, since the Vorax were really learning fast, they also waited until Human Kin was out scouting an asteroid before they attacked.

Unfortunately for the Vorax, Human Kin had taught the Havenworlder crew everything they knew. Raid Chief Lyshk was very confused when the Havenworlder crewmate in their path intercepted his charge and sent him tumbling into the most inconvenient bulkhead.

Three more Havenworlders in the neighbouring hall refused to run, but stood in a specific and uniform way. There was a look in their eyes that was not naturally found in Havenworlders. Why were they not terrified? They were Vorax!

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