Wednesday - Day Four

The Senate has confirmed a blatantly pro-life judge and "cruelty is the point" advocate for the supreme court, which is now 6-3 in favour of absolute evil. Two weeks before the election. They have all stated that they're going to let the Muppet do whatever he wants, throw out the postal votes, and ignore any tally that comes not-instantly after the polls close on the actual election day.

Fascism is real in America.

Today, rights formerly fought and won will erode.

I could put this all in Wordpress Wednesday, but... it's too depressing. The people closest to this garbage fire will be telling their stories firsthand. The rich will be able to go on holidays to countries that will provide abortions for the pregnancies they don't want, and the poor will suffer and die like never before.

Regulations - written in the blood of former victims - will fall by the wayside like autumn leaves. Businesses will do whatever the hell they like to maximise profits.

It's all going to end in riots. The only question is how the Muppet is going to die - shot, hanged, beheaded or in a pool of his own filth.

Those who refuse to learn from the lessons of history...

In the headlines:

  • Muppet's new SCOTUS appointee could void thousands of votes with a word
  • Victoria is a country? Nevertheless, it still got the case numbers down to zero. Yay them
  • Obama said some words that made the Muppet angry. I bet one of them was "responsibility"
  • Brisbane's having floods. Yay. I need to get my supplies while the sun still shineth
  • NY man dumps pregnant girlfriend's body on the highway ON CAMERA and the "pro life" lot say nothing. I expect he'll get away with it for some stupid-arse reason
  • Aldi brings back their $100 pre-lit Christmas tree
  • Woolies' new collectable is re-usable glass storage containers. I might get behind that one
  • Article about Muppet refusing to concede goes through things logically and without the assumption that his loyalists will rise up with all their guns
  • Outrage amongst the right wing as rich people pay for ex-felons to have their political say
  • Melbourne K-Marts introduce a booking system so the shoppers can browse under plague restrictions
  • F-off huge moth terrifies the internet because someone described it as a "tarantula with wings". People. It's not even remotely venomous. Get a grip
  • Beachfront properties at huge risks from rising seas and severe storms - aka the consequences of Climate Change
  • AusPost CEO now in trouble for using a credit card. None of this would be happening if she were a bloke. Just saying

So. My PLN today is: get the supplies as soon as humanly possible. My coffee has to wait because Costco won't open before 10AM [WHY?] so I'll get my essential dairy ASAP and by the time that's away, Costco may be open. I can hope that it all works out in the end.

Wordpress is going to be DISTRACTION CENTRAL because the world outlook is firkin horrible.

Let's get on with the madness.