Wednesday, Day 4, Wordpress

Plague news: no new cases! The four total active cases are still in hospital. Australia's at 91.7% first vax, 85.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's second-last in the vax stats at 85% first vax, and 74% fully vaxxed.

I have some Wordpress to summon words for and I may go on a bit about how little things can balloon outwards. Bits about what's missing in the module and what I've done to fill in the blanks. And what's happened as a result.

It's certainly an interesting escalation evolution of circumstances.

No spoilers, just what I decided and how it played out.

In the news:

  • Person of interest in the missing campers case may have altered their car to avoid detection
  • The autopsy is in, Laundrie committed suicide
  • All of China's threats might be hot air
  • Thieves rob house, dump an actual BABY in the pool. They're murderers now
  • Doorcam footage of massacre suspect
  • Dude does some extreme body mods
  • Man goes to Corona Party and dies

Story and nonsense soon.