Challenge #03224-H315: Like the Softly Falling Snow

Dan builds a larger home for himself, with plenty of room for all his adopted sons and daughters, with plenty of extra room for more kids to come and have someone to help and care for them. Melody helps where she can, when she can, and the kids start to learn what it's like to have a home, and a family that loves them no matter what. -- Fighting Fit

After the fifth morning of waking up under a blanket of sleeping junior Tieflings, it was past time for Dan to admit he needed better accommodations. A little one room hut near his workshop and a single bed were clearly not going to cut it. Especially not when Summer rolled around and that layer of Tiefling kids would prove physically uncomfortable.

Gittowt had sharp elbows and knees, and burrowed in his sleep.

Dan had provided enough of the basics for the new Tiefling settlement, and there was time enough, and lumber enough, for a bigger project. A project like, say, turning a one-room hut into adequate accommodation for himself and roughly fifteen regulars. Including little Harrow.

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