Wednesday, Day 1, Shenanigans

We're finally doing our tax nonsense so we can fill out the paperwork so Mayhem can get the help he needs to get a job and finally pay for things. [That lay in the house that Jack built] Puffpuff... Pantpant... I'm making sure I have my financial statements prepped. I don't believe anything's been overlooked.

I got up early, so that's two more pages in the journal transcribed. For my next trick, I shall post my wordpress nonsense before the alarm goes off and I have to herd various smaller creatures into a semblance of organisation. Best to get on with that now...

[short pause for copy/pasta]

Done! Let's look at the news real quick:

  • Investigators in Wuhan found no links to bats or a lab, destroying two theorem at once. It could have started in a mink or a cat, apparently
  • Prosecution for the Great Impeachment have video evidence of the Muppet riling up the crowd
  • 100YO veteran tried for 3.5K murders at a Nazi death camp
  • WHO warns against eating frozen food
  • Urgent call to isolate in Victoria. Again
  • Scammer tried to blackmail parents of dying baby - winds up in court. There is some justice in the world
  • Another Karen turns up after a literal year of this bullshit to rave at a bus driver over masks
  • Plague detected in Gold Coast sewerage
  • Yet another USA teacher has made yet another sex tape with yet another underaged student. Allegedly
  • White House press secretary not taking any bullshit from Fox News
  • Baby shower stunt involving a fucking CANNON kills a guest. Maybe don't use weaponry for your gender reveals, Karen
  • Pet-friendly property in high demand
  • Little girl has Uncombable Hair Syndrome, causes concern among other parents
  • Bunnings shoppers are building "frog hotels" aaawww...
  • ScoMo hints at a new travel bubble
  • Calls for a cat curfew on the rise. Just... build a firkin catio. Geez
  • Someone wants to buy Epstein's "pedo island" eeeeeuuuuwww...

There's a bit of a time window. How much story can I write before everything gets clustered again? Let's see.