Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, both imports. Which means that there's nine days without local transmission. Hoping to make it to twenty. Fifty-five total cases, twenty-three in hospital. I'm not saying those two fresh ones are the ones in a hotel, but the odds are in their favour in my humble opinion.

Today... I don't want to go off about anything, so it might as well be an exploration of how a pantser plots. I'm going to drag you through the entirety of my sad bitter Tiefling's backstory and you're going to love it. Not like there's a lot of options if you like my Wordpress page.

In the news:

  • Muppet's stealth plan to maintain power is... dying?
  • Outbreak in Melbourne
  • Man convicted of rape because he sneaked the condom off during sex. GO NEW ZEALAND!
  • Johnson&Johnson's vaccine now causes clots too, but not as many as you might think
  • Prince Philip's cargo cult is now "in talks"
  • South Australian dad asked his step-daughter to "fool around"... and y'all are worried about trans people being pedos
  • Russia caught lying about their Plague stats
  • Smarties are now being released in paper bags
  • People are dumping soft serve into their iced lattes

Now let's get on with plot-to-story analysis.