Challenge #03015-H092: Minor Disaster Averted

H: Ow.

A: What happened? Do you need medical?

H: Second, I'm on my way to medical already. First, I jarred the ankle on my good foot while trying not to mess up my bad foot further. A I guess?... I think I sprained something again.

A: Stay right there, I'll get a chair with wheels on it.

H: Oh yeah, I didn't think of that. That would be WAY faster than trying to limp there...

A: And it would hurt less, too. -- Anon Guest

Here's a funny thing about Humans - well, not really funny if you think about it - is that they're not great at solving problems when they're in distress. Consider exhibit A, Otherwise known at Human Cal. He has evidently had a non-ugent mishap that has resulted in injury, but has also clearly decided not to bother anyone by asking for help.

This, Companion Gion could see, was turning into a "No no don't bother I'm fine" emergency. Best to stop that before it got to an official inquest. Human Cal started cussing under his breath. Clearly, Gion had arrived just in time. "What happened? Do you need medical?"

"On my way," managed Cal, wincing as he tried to find a different way to balance. "I think I jarred my ankle on my good foot while trying not to mess up my bad foot worse. Ow." Another wince. "...and I think I sprained something else."

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