Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

TEN new cases, eight of those local transmissions. Seventy-eight total, sixty-four in hospital, two in ICU, which leaves twelve with the relative freedom of a hotel room until they are clear. Masks are mandatory for when you go anywhere and we are hunkering and bunkering and just being blobs for the interim.

Judging by the acceleration, we're going to be locked down for a lot longer than the three days. We've done this before and we can do it again. Of course, whenever the lockdowns happen, the tourism industry demands a bailout and fires all their low-grade employees to save money. Yay.

Today's Wordpress Wednesday rant target is Performative Strength. You'll see what that means soon enough.

In the news:

  • Qld's lockdown is going to be extended. Called it
  • Rapist tracks down victim on Facebook 30 years later and says he regrets his choices. Too late for a jail term, I notice
  • Dude from Sydney forces wife and child onto plane in first ever case of exit trafficking caught on camera
  • Queensland rollout of the vaccine on hold as the cases continue to spread. Despite the outrage, this is actually a smart move
  • Lab theory of the Plague on the rise again as WHO agent claims it needs more investigation
  • ScoMo's new lady cabinet member behind claims of a "Fake Rape Crisis"... hhmmm I can see why he picked her...
  • Muppet having a fight with his former plague advisors, whom he ignored
  • 10K claims of sex assault on a UK website cause outrage. Betting now that this will be "insufficient evidence" of rape culture in educational facilities 9_9

I'm in a good mood for some ranting. But first - fiction.