Challenge #03001-H078: How to Befriend a Monster

An alien meets human's pet cat and has an existential crisis dealing with the fact that their seemingly sane friend keeps a tiny ferocious predator around and thinks it is cute. -- Anon Guest

"[GENDER PRONOUN] is just an old softie," should definitely be classified as words of impending horror. Brex had just been told not to mind Meep, and then spotted a low, fast shape zip through his peripheral vision. Human Pod had assured him, "He's just an old softie, really."

It was at that moment, several doors and opening procedures away from the airlocks, that Brex remembered that Humans regularly make pets out of predators. That was why he scanned the room for safe retreat areas and said, "He's not going to attack me, is he?"

Human Pod looked up from inspecting various vessels. Ze hadn't said anything about small fast streaks of motion in random corners. "Huh? Oh, he might find your feathers interesting, but if you stay still, he'll get bored pretty quick."

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