Wednesday, Day 0, AAAAAAAAHHH

There's four new cases, taking the total count up to fourteen. All overseas, but I don't like double figures in the case count.

In personal news, I'm getting better at remembering all the self-maintains, just... not in order. I'll shave later, I swear.

My Death Cough (tm) seems to come and go no matter what I do. I did the turn on Max with meds and saline, but it was back yesterday afternoon. I took a dose of preventer and it's so far, so good. Honestly, dealing with asthma is like playing roulette with free access to air as the prize.

It's Wordpress Wednesday, so you are all getting another installment of Destiny's Fools. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • Australia develops first surface disinfectant to kill the plague in 90 seconds, soon to be sold overseas for a pittance
  • Parents pulling children from schools who fly the red flags for rape culture
  • Truck vs SUV crash in California kills 15, hospitalises 12
  • FBI publicly state that there's no evidence for fake rioters in the Capitol seige
  • Neo-nazi "allegedly" attacked a TV channel security guard. There's footage
  • Doco about Britney's financial situation causes rage on her behalf
  • Aussie doctor goes off about not being allowed to recommend the plague jab
  • Photographs emerge of victim and abuser in the Parliament case
  • Meat prices set to soar because drought because climate change
  • Cabinet minister in the middle of the whirlpool about to step forward
  • Victorian state of emergency could last all of this year and you can blame the moonmelon set
  • Dude took a photo of himself on a deceased horse and outrage is continuing
  • Man forced to continue paying childcare despite not being the father
  • Continuing concern for Prince Consort Philip in hospital
  • Suspected thylacines likely to be pademelons
  • TikTok claims Woolies pasta salad tastes funny
  • Turnbull states that ScoMo didn't do enough regarding the Parliament case
  • Remains that washed up were not the conwoman
  • Optical illusion caused by the curvature of the Earth baffles the internet

I'm going to post some nonsense now.