Challenge #02974-H051: Her Unfinished Business

memento mori

Search for the truth

Search for, and remember, the truth of your death -- Anon Guest

Fog hid most of the world and it was easy to get lost. She kept close to solid things. Walls, doors, furniture, large appliances, that sort of thing. The fog was in her brain, to. The larger things were even harder to find because of that.

Her name was... She was just... She was lost. That was big enough to deal with. The shadow in the corners was frightening. She could orient to that to. Preferably away from it. She didn't want to go near the shadows in the corners. She was alone. That, too, was large enough to find. Large enough to terrify.

People drifted in and out of the fog, but scream though she might, not one of them heard her. That was absolutely terrifying. They didn't even see her, and no matter what she did. She tried to interfere with what they were doing, to make them confront her existence, but the shadow in the corners loomed every time she went close to trying. Every time the shadow came close, it whispered, "Remember."

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