Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

The active case count is holding at fourteen, and I am still nervous about that. Not that I've had very many plans to go anywhere and do anything. At all. For a firkin year. Thanks, Moonmelon Tinfoil.


Yesterday was a bit of a stresser. Had to drag Mayhem out of my normal circuit for red tape chase, but my takeoff time was delayed because Chaos' bus was late and Mayhem was understandably stressed about the delay. Lesson in progress: allow for the fuckup factor.

I gave him my time windows again in the hopes that this would allow for better scheduling. And another gentle push towards learning to drive for himself. Next time I hear, "I'm tired of working around other people's schedules," I shall say, "That's why I learned to drive for myself."

He may chuck another tanty. We shall see.

In the news:

  • ScoMo accused victim of being a "lying cow". Stay classy
  • 38 killed in anti-coup protests in Myanmar
  • Explosion near Netherlands Plague Test Centre may have been deliberate terrorism
  • There's a Russian variant of the plague and it's in Queensland
  • The human remains unrelated to the Caddick case are of a missing man from Ingleburn
  • Diplomat called Aussies who critique China "scumbags" and this has somehow caused outrage? One of our own PMs did that
  • 64YO mum via IVF loses custody of her twins
  • Aldi's brought back its Roomba clone
  • Graph shows that Aussie summers have been heating up since 1910 [corporate will continue to ignore this]
  • Bloke who thinks he found thylacines continues to insist he found thylacines
  • 4YO injures himself on KMart clothing rack

I'm off to commit some fiction.