Challenge #02973-H050: Achievement Unlocked

Everything is going dark. You’re surrounded by loved ones. Your lover is clenching you hands tightly, tears streaming down their face. Slowly you placed you hands on their cheeks “it’s ok, look at what we build.” You muster a smile at your sunshine. Your strength is dimming, the light in your eyes fade away... You feel your self drifting in the endless void, it’s not cold nor warm. You tried moving your arms, nothing. You tired saying something anything, nothing. You been drifting for a while now, you think you seen lights but your not so sure. They have been gathering together for some time now, then you realize it’s trying to spell something! When those pieces finished gathering you slowly read out what it said -- Anon Guest

Finding out that life as you know it is a simulation is one thing while you're alive. Finding out afterwards... sort of... is another. Ari had died of old age. He knew that much. He had not been expecting a credits scroll with music. He had not been expecting a different simulation at the end.

Witness what you've unlocked? Y/N? Well, there was nothing else to do in the remaining featureless void. Ari selected Y. What followed was a space of avatar options that was like being in an immense shopping mall of body types, clothing options, hair colours, and animated avatars for the chatrooms.

Ari said, "Wait, there's chatrooms?"

Accessing chatrooms, said the voice of the void. What is your chat flavour?

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