Tuesday, Vet Visit, Patreon

Today, Jolie is getting some of her shots. Vaccinate every living creature you love, my dear readers. That includes yourself.

Also today, I am sharing some of my literary output with my dear readers over in Patreon. I aim to be working on the tags and dungeon and so forth, today. I might even get an album or two sorted.

Beloved has been out all night on the big project, and will be coming home later to catch up on her sleep.

I might not get to the audio portion of my pln's. Oh well.

At least I have a lot of output to share. A Devil's Tale is going to hit 130 chapters today so... yeah.

I might even attempt to lure high-ticket Patrons in by promising them access to the finished chapters as they go live, and the first to sign up to my higher tiers gets access to the live documents as they are written. IDK if it's a great idea, but there are people who livestream their sleep and let people wake them up so...

You can earn money with anything these days, so long as you let just about anyone rule your life.

OFC if I tried it, it would go nowhere and get me nothing.