Challenge #03606-I317: Rude Question Session

Can we have more fun with the spider and hir friend? Maybe sometimes teaching others that these giant spiders are not so bad? -- Anon Guest

It's not easy being an arachnid in a universe seemingly made of anthropoids[1]. So many of the endoskeletal life forms want to end those who have their skeletons on the outside.

For the N'ozzies, it was always, "We're going to need a bigger thong[2]," and only half of them were joking. Humans of any other given polity were more likely to scream and run away than attempt a friendly greeting. Even those who said they liked arachnids had their qualms regarding one as big as a dog[3].

Thusly, someone like Human Dierd was a combination of welcome relief and frightening enthusiasm. Especially when it came to rude questions.

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